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Hang in there, buddy!

We love Nicki Minaj’s No Flex Zone remix so much, it inspired us to make this masterpiece.

Go to the gym come back and write a song like damn #workingg

Perfection is an illusion, we all have flaws that’s just human nature

Pushing hard at the gym first day back in a week and a half#workwednesday#gym#yeezus#newslaves
Inspirational Workout Quotes


Consider us your inspiration to a better you, all you need now is to want it.



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What this represents: The tree is a tree where people got lynched on. The murdered are buried underneath the tree. The shadows of the audiences hand represent the dead bodies reaching up at Kanye, who himself represents maybe another victim hanging from the tree, or even be representing a god like figure the dead are reaching up for. Ima be straight up with you, this is so artistic it is mind blowing to me. Every other performance had flashing lights and everyone jumping around stage, while this was simply left on one frame and performed in one place while trying to get a message across. Kanye West. That is all. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspiration is off the roof right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This song is really lyrical. Kanye makes sense even when you don’t hear it.

Seems like your already over me :(

I brought this upon myself and I am suffering with the consequences but  on the other hand knowing that I lost a friend at the same time kills me inside, may the angels be with him. R.I.P King Arnold

I was willing to do it

Pride comes before a fall, my conscience is clear I tried to make up for what I did but it doesn’t mean shit

I get it I fucked up but you giving me shit when I was willing to try is the end game for me